A bare fence transformed in one day with a beautiful living wall from Rosewood

A bare fence transformed in one day

Does your garden need a new dimension?

With Rosewood Living Walls, you could see a bare fence transformed in one day! Are you wondering what to do with an uninspiring area? Then think about how a vertical garden might add that special something.  If your requirements are simple and the location is straightforward, we can create a fully irrigated living wall in a single day.

A design just for you

Our living walls are designed individually after discussing the project with each client and finding out what they want from their vertical garden.  We start with a consultation session where we visit the site and meet the customer.  During this session, we check whether the suggested location is in full sun, part shade or full shade.  We ask about the customer’s preference too.  Is the planting going to be there for maximum visual impact alone, or is it specifically to attract bees?  Perhaps the client wants a kitchen garden planted with herbs, or a green wall that delights the nose as much as the eyes.  Once we know what’s required, we come up with a design to suit customer and location. You can check out this process further by clicking through to the Our Process page

See the transformation in pictures

Below you can see the progress of one of our green walls in our series of photographs.  We start with the bare fence so typical of new-build gardens, and show you each step towards the stunning end result.  Along the way you can see the way the recycled plastic troughs are fitted together to create the correct size.  Irrigation is then integrated into the structure (although our living walls can be watered manually if preferred).  We usually attach the whole thing to the wall or fence to make it really secure.  Then we follow our planting design carefully, making sure that the finished wall has the correct plants in the correct places.  Once we’ve tidied up, your only job is to dress the rest of your outdoor space to match up to your stunning new vertical garden!

That’s all there is to it

You’ve seen the wonderful new dimension a living wall can bring.  Now call the experts and ask about yours!  Calum is waiting to hear from you on 01727 811448