a new dimension for a garden seating area - a Rosewood living wall

A New Dimension For A Garden Seating Area

A seating area lacking in atmosphere?

Is your patio or terrace a little barren compared to the rest of your garden?  Would you like to find a new dimension for a garden seating area?  If there are no borders or lawn where you sit, then it can sometimes feel a bit bare of greenery.  Even adding plants in containers doesn’t give the same sense of lush, dense green that you might have elsewhere in your garden.  But don’t worry!  This is where a living wall can totally transform things.

A Rosewood living wall adds a new dimension

Our beautiful wall gardens will add a vertical tapestry of lush green planting.  This will totally change the look and feel of your seating area (or any other part of your garden that needs it).  In the space of a day we can create a green wall that will make you want to rush outside to sit by it.  It will add an atmosphere of peace, beauty and tranquility, giving you your own little patio oasis.  And don’t forget that a living wall also purifies the air and soaks up noise.  As if that weren’t enough, it creates a wildlife haven too, attracting bees and butterflies from the moment it’s installed.

See an installation unfold

The series of photos below show the progress of an installation over the course of a few hours.  The pictures take you from the point where we arrive with the van loaded with equipment and plants, to the point where we fill the water reservoirs and tidy up.  All that’s left then is to leave you with your beautiful new vertical garden!  If you’d like to know more about what happens leading up to the installation – right from the point of contacting us for the first time – click the link to Our Process