A row of living walls looks amazing

A Row of Living Walls Looks Spectacular!

Do you have a large expanse of bare wall somewhere in your garden?  Perhaps the back of your house, or the side of an outbuilding?  Whether it’s brick, render, or stone, it can be dull to look at if there’s nothing to break up a substantial area visually.  We have the answer!  A row of living walls creates an effect similar to hanging paintings in a gallery.  Take a look at these pictures from a job in the Cockfosters area of London.  Any one green wall looks amazing, but the visual impact of several in a row is spectacular!

In this particular garden, two opposite walls have vertical gardens fixed to them, making an attractive space to walk through and enjoy.  Living walls look fantastic, and depending on the planting, they can also smell wonderful, and create habitats for wildlife.  If you look at the page on Our Process  you can find out what’s involved in commissioning a vertical garden.  Browse the website and see what kind of thing you might like.  Then give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448 to discuss the possibilities for a row of living walls of your own.  We’re waiting to design something beautiful for you!