A walled garden in an urban setting

A Walled Garden in an Urban Setting

Walled gardens create beauty and privacy

It’s easy to see why walled gardens have always been popular.  Most of us who like gardens will have envied those who are lucky enough to possess such a thing.  They are usually found in older (and larger) properties, in the countryside, as part of a bigger garden.  Because of this, for the majority of people, they have been a garden goal it’s almost impossible to attain.  However, with the advent of living walls for the domestic market, that has changed!  No matter whether you live in the middle of a town or city, something similar is possible.  Rosewood are proud to say that we can provide what is, in effect, a walled garden in an urban setting.

Rosewood living walls can enclose your outdoor space

Our living walls use an independent support structure that means even a lightweight fence can provide the backdrop for a green wall.  This means we can cover any or all of the vertical surfaces that enclose your garden, creating a private oasis even in the midst of a city.  Are you worried that your outdoor space is in full shade?  No matter – our expert designers can come up with a wall of plants that enjoy any conditions you can throw at us.   Click on the link to read more about Our Systems.   Then give Rosewood a call and we’ll answer your queries and discuss your requirements.   You really could have that walled garden feel in the space of a day or so!