Amazing living walls - Castello di Aglie

Amazing Living Walls

In this post we wanted to show you another of the amazing living walls we’ve found from around the world.  In October we shared pictures of the  Vertical Forest in Milan (two high rise apartment buildings covered in plants).  This time we’re looking at the Castello di Aglie, which is in the countryside near Turin.  In northern Italy they’ve obviously appreciated vertical gardens for a long time.  We say that because the castle is centuries older than the high rise buildings in Milan that support the Bosco Verticale (vertical forest).

The oldest part of the castle dates from the 12th century.  However, it’s the seventeenth century wing that has what’s known as the ‘Hanging Garden’ on one side.  The photo above, which shows that part of the castle, is from a local tourism website.  You can click through to if you want to see more images of the Castello di Aglie.  We’re obviously concerned with the Hanging Garden, however, which is a stunning living wall on a grand scale.  If you look at the benches which are visible in the terrace garden on the roof, you realise how big this vertical garden actually is.  The south-western aspect is ideal for all kinds of plants, but maintaining it in such beautiful condition must still take a lot of effort.   We think it looks incredible!

Such amazing living walls inspire us to recommend this form of gardening to everyone.  We love designing green walls to suit all kinds of residential gardens and interiors.  If you’d like your own ‘hanging garden’ just get in touch with Rosewood.  Give us a call on 01727 811448 and ask for Calum.  He’ll be happy to answer any questions and talk to you about what might suit your situation.