An outdoor space to wow your guests with a Rosewood living wall

An Outdoor Space to Wow your Guests!

With the spring here at last, summer will be fast approaching!  We all start thinking about using our gardens more, and often that involves eating outside.  You may be looking forward to using a paved area like a terrace or patio.  Such surfaces are ideal for siting garden furniture that can be used for lounging and dining.  However, with no facility for planting on the paving, your outside dining space might feel a little hard-edged or sterile.  Lots of people bring containers onto a patio, which can work wonders, but we have an even better solution.  A living wall will help you create an outdoor space to wow your guests.

So how does it wow?

Even a glance at one of our living walls will show you that they look fabulous.  We choose the planting to suit your style and the location.  Then we create a wall of plants using plenty of evergreens so it stays lush and green all year. We also vary the colours and the textural qualities of the plants we choose, making sure that adds visual interest.  So, as far as looks are concerned, a vertical garden certainly catches the eye.  But it’s not just a visual treat.  The plants in one of our green walls provide foraging opportunities for pollinators like bees and butterflies, so your patio becomes a wildlife haven too!  And a few herbs or other fragrant plants will add a fresh scent that suits your outdoor eating or simply makes a pleasant atmosphere.

So, if you want an outdoor dining area, or a place to lounge in the summer air, give it the wow factor with a living wall.  Call the Rosewood office on 01727 811448 to express an interest.  We can answer questions, suggest possibilities, or just have a chat if you’re making a tentative inquiry.  Our friendly office team is waiting to hear from you!