art and the garden at Giverny: Monet's beautiful painting and garden

Art and The Garden at Giverny

Rosewood’s garden art for July

Our Monet garden painting for July is this one painted in the artist’s beautiful garden in 1901. It’s called ‘Pathway through the Garden at Giverny’. It captures the heat and colour of a summer garden perfectly, with the multitude of flowers and the strong contrasts of light and shade.

Visit Giverny if you can

Giverny is a beautiful garden.  Anyone who likes gardens would enjoy visiting it.  You can find out more by clicking on the following link to the Giverny website: Monet’s garden at Giverny.   There are so many different areas to enjoy.  You can visit the famous Japanese water garden with its green bridge and water-lily ponds.  There is also the Clos Normand flower garden with its walkways and beautifully designed planting.  And of course, you can visit Monet’s house at the same time.

All that’s missing is a living wall!

The only thing that’s missing at Giverny is a living wall, although we’re convinced that Monet would have been on to Rosewood to have one installed if we’d been around back then!  Luckily, we’re here for you now, so if you are interested in a vertical garden, give us a call on 01727 811448 today!