art for November - a misty Monet shared by Rosewood

Art for November – a Misty Monet

A painting for misty November

It’s time for Rosewood to share another garden or landscape painting by Monet.  Since we’ve had a few foggy starts to the day over the last couple of weeks, we knew just the picture to show you!  Our art for November is Haystacks on a Misty Morning, painted in 1891.

In the late 1880s, Monet attempted to show the way objects are seen differently under varying conditions.  To do this he did several series where he painted the same subject many times over.  One of these series depicted haystacks near where he lived at Giverny.  Monet studied the haystacks during different seasons and at different times of day to create paintings that are all very individual despite their similar subject matter.

This picture shows the autumn dawn, at a moment when the low sun starts to burn off the morning mist. Monet’s individual brushstrokes, each one like a dab of light, create the shimmering effect of the mist.

If you’d like to know more about this work, click the following link to visit it on the website of the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Rosewood loves the changing seasons

As we always say, one of the joys of working at Rosewood is being outside through the whole year.  We love to see the beauty of the changing seasons in our customers’ lovely gardens, and in the landscape as we drive around.  Of course, we’re often dealing with really beautiful gardens, and hopefully we add something special to them with our living walls.  If you’d like a green wall to add a new dimension to your garden, even in the mist of autumn, just give us a call on 01727 811448