balcony living walls give a tiny outdoor space a feeling of being a green oasis

Balcony Living Walls Add a New Dimension

If you live in a flat or apartment with no garden of your own, it’s a blessing to have a balcony or small roof terrace.  These enable you to enjoy a private outdoor space where you can relax.  You may find, though that they feel very much an urban setting, with little visible greenery.  This is where balcony living walls can add a new dimension!

How do living walls make my balcony better?

Many studies have shown the benefits of being around plants on human health.  Some of these benefits derive from the air-cleansing properties of plants.  A wall of plants combats pollution, giving us better air to breathe and reducing physical symptoms associated with poor air-quality.  Our mental health also benefits from being around plants – experiencing being in nature has a calming effect, reducing stress.

If those don’t persuade you, remember plants bring more than just human health benefits.  Urban greening encourages wildlife, promoting biodiversity.  It’s so lovely to watch bees and butterflies on your balcony rather than watching cars go by, and know you’re helping them survive!

Finally, of course, plants are attractive to all our senses – we love their different colours, textures and fragrances.  So it’s obvious we all find it more appealing to sit out in a garden rather than a totally man-made space.  Sitting on your balcony or roof terrace, drink in hand, is even more pleasant with plants around you.  A living wall takes up very little space on the ground, and creates an amazing vertical garden where a horizontal one would be impossible.  Give us a call or send us a message if you’d like to find out more – we’d love to talk about the possibilities where you are.