bees love a living wall - get yours installed by Rosewood

Bees Really Love A Living Wall!

Make your urban garden a wildlife haven

Is your outdoor planting space restricted?  In urban areas you might have a courtyard garden with no borders or lawn. Perhaps you don’t have a garden at all, and are limited to a balcony area.  Well, don’t worry!  You can still create a green wildlife haven.  The footprint of a living wall is tiny, so Rosewood can fit one in almost anywhere!  And in a town a vertical garden will contribute to urban greening where there might be little or no other planting.  In those circumstances, it might be a vital oasis that helps certain species survive in your area.  Pollinating insects like bees really love a living wall, and if there aren’t other flowers around, it will be providing an important new habitat for them.  If you click the link, you can read more about the way green walls provide a new hope for bees.

Immediate attraction

We’ve noticed that almost the moment we install a green wall, the insects start to arrive.  We’ve taken photos to prove it on many occasions: before we leave the client’s garden, new wildlife makes an appearance and we get great shots such as those we’re showing here.

Call us to help you contribute to urban greening

If you like the thought of providing extra habitats for bees and other important insects, give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448.  We can design a vertical garden for you with bees in mind, making sure that we select the best plants to attract them while still maintaining the visual impact that you would want.  And you don’t need to be in an urban location.  Even in the countryside, every new bit of green is helpful, so why not call us now?