best quality plants need looking after before they become part of our living walls

Best Quality Plants For Our Living Walls

Rosewood Living Walls has a reputation for creating green walls with instant visual impact.  To make sure that our vertical gardens look amazing from day one, we choose the best quality plants.  We buy from reputable suppliers (read more here about Our Process) and make sure that every plant we purchase on your behalf is in perfect condition.

Of course, best quality plants only stay healthy if they’re cared for.  For that reason, while we have them stored at our yard, we keep them in a polytunnel, away from the dangers of wind and frost.  We water them as necessary, ensuring that when they are loaded into the van to bring to you, they are vigorous, strong, and looking their best.  We want your new Rosewood living wall to add something special to your interior or exterior space from the moment we install it.

Why not call to find out more about what might suit your space?  Our knowledgeable staff will be able to advise you on which plants will be likely to thrive in your chosen location.  Our designer will listen to your ideas and come up with a design that suits your preferences.  And usually, it takes less than a day to install your wall, best quality plants and all!