Blossfeldt garden art - achillea umbellata

Blossfeldt Garden Art for November

Ever since Rosewood started a blog, we’ve regularly shared art that garden lovers might enjoy.  In 2022 we’ve been showing you images by the amazing plant photographer, Karl Blossfeldt.  He produced so many wonderful photographs that it’s almost impossible to narrow down the selection, but here is the next one.   Our Blossfeldt garden art for November is a close-up of a yarrow leaf (achillea umbellata).

Achillea (the yarrows) is a large plant family, with the most well-known being achillea millefolium (common yarrow).  Both achillea millefolium and achillea umbellata are used in the garden, but the latter has larger individual flowers. You can find out more about the plant via this link to the Hortipedia page for achillea umbellata

However, looking at Blossfeldt’s photo makes you aware of much more than you see even looking casually at the plant itself.  Seeing a plant in such exquisite detail makes you very aware of all the textures and structural details.  The yarrow leaf in this photo looks almost as though it is made of felt, or some other furry fabric.   These things are easy to miss at a glance.  Indeed, Blossfeldt’s close-ups are art partly because they reveal the plants we all love in a totally new way.  Even the leaves, flowers and stems of weeds turn out to be beautiful when looked at like this.  In the world we live in, being mindful and seeing beauty in such small things is a skill we could all develop further.  Anything that helps us enjoy simple pleasures has to be a good thing!