Blossfeldt photography for garden lovers includes this image of silver sage

Blossfeldt Photography for Gardeners

We’re sharing another amazing plant close-up this month by the German artist Karl Blossfeldt.  At a glance, you might consider many of the plants he photographed to be unremarkable in real life.  Often people see them as weeds, or pass them by unnoticed.  However, Blossfeldt photography appeals to garden lovers because he manages to make the small miracles of texture and structure visible.  He reveals plants that seemed unremarkable as the glorious influence on art, design and architecture that they really are.

This particular image shows a close-up of salvia argentia, or silver sage, to use its common name.  If you’d like to know more about the plant itself, take a look at the RHS silver sage webpage.  You an learn where and how to grow it, if you want to.  Alternatively, you may be an art lover as well as a gardener.  If you’re interested in finding out more about Karl Blossfeldt, you could look at our January Blossfeldt post, where you’ll find lots more information about the German artist.

Whatever your taste in art, if you love plants, we’re sure you’ll love Blossfeldt photography.  It is simple, unpretentious but truly beautiful, focusing on the details of the plants themselves.  Look back through our blog posts to see other examples we’ve shared, or wait for another one next month.  Either way, we’re sure you’ll like these pictures as much as we do.