boring brick wall? we have it covered with a Rosewood living wall

Boring Brick Wall? We Have It Covered!

Do you have a wall you’d like to conceal?

Is there an ugly vertical surface in your garden that you wish you didn’t have to look at?  Perhaps there’s nothing too awful, but do you wish you had something more exciting than that boring brick wall? We have it covered!  Our engineers are able to install a beautiful vertical garden against any fence or wall.  We can use a Rosewood living wall to conceal a surface that’s unattractive, or bring visual excitement to an area that needs more life and colour.

A Rosewood Living Wall: Before and After

Our photos above show the rather uninspiring view of a bare brick wall in a client’s garden, before we started work.  The ‘after’ picture gives you an idea of the way a living wall completely transforms the space, creating an area that feels vibrant and exciting.

Other bonuses of a living wall

As well as its ability to conceal whatever is behind it, a living wall has lots of other benefits.  If you’d like to find out more about the way a plant wall purifies the air, reduces noise pollution, and provides extra much-needed habitat for wildlife, particularly in urban areas, click the link to the urban greening website:  benefits of green walls

We’re sure that you can see why vertical gardens are currently so much at the forefront of urban greening initiatives and residential gardening.  If you’d like to know what’s achievable in your own garden, give Calum a call at Rosewood Living Walls.  Ring 01727 811448 and he’ll answer your questions.