celebrity living walls - just as fabulous as those we make for non-celebrities!

Celebrity Living Walls

Our lovely Rosewood clients come from all age-groups, genders, colours, and sexual-orientations.  We love working with them all!  There are even a few celebrities in the mix: singers, TV personalities, sportspeople etc.  However, it doesn’t make any difference to us who our clients are – we make the most beautiful vertical gardens we can, whether the customer is a big name celebrity or not.  For us, every client is equally important.  Celebrity living walls by Rosewood certainly look amazing, but so do the ones we make for anyone else!

We designed the gorgeous living wall in the photo for the Hackney home of a well-known singer.  She wanted some planting brought into an exterior area where a normal garden just wasn’t possible.   In the narrow curve of sunny basement where she had a place to sit out, we could tell that a vertical garden would be the ideal solution!  We think our design was perfect for this space.  The living wall brings all the benefits of being close to nature into this small man-made space.  Of course, it gives the visual appeal of the planting.  However, it also encourages bees, butterflies and small birds, so that the space feels alive.  Who wouldn’t want these benefits?

If you like the idea of a green wall, then rest assured you don’t need to be a celebrity!  Get in touch with Calum on 01727 811448 and he’ll be happy to chat to you.  Take a look at some of our  Case Studies so you can tell him what you’re thinking about and he’ll let you know what’s possible in your location.