our favourite jobs from 2023 include commercial and residential living walls, all designed to benefit mental and physical wellbeing!

Commercial and Residential Living Walls

If the freezing weather is bringing you down, we have some ideas for nurturing wellbeing at home or in the workplace.  Your family will benefit too, or the people you work with – and these are simple solutions.  You are no doubt aware that nature in your environment is good for mental and physical health.  So is keeping air quality high.  Seeing green plants close to where you are sitting is proven to lift mood, relax tension, and increase focus.  But you can kill two birds with one stone, as plants also improve air quality and combat pollution!  A little garden outside or some houseplants indoors can make some difference.  However, a lot of plants in one place increase the benefits tremendously.  That’s where Rosewood commercial and residential living walls come in!

Take a look at the picture above, composed of some of our favourite living walls from 2023, and you’ll see how varied they are.  We work with so many different locations and clients, and all our living walls are different.  Whatever your situation, we can provide you with a beautiful plant wall that is amazing to look at and increases your wellbeing too.  Rosewood specialises in both commercial and residential living walls, and we can design them to be sited indoors or outside.  This means you can enjoy a wall of plants almost anywhere!  We can put one inside your home, in a canteen at work, on your balcony, in an atrium area at your office, dividing up space in an open-plan work area, on your patio – you tell us and we’ll design the right living wall for you!