living walls in contemporary kitchen design

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Living Walls

As a forward-looking company, we like to keep on top of new ideas in vertical gardening.  One of the biggest current trends is the use of  living walls in contemporary kitchen design.  We recently worked on a job near Bedford where the client wanted an interior living wall in her kitchen.  Originally she planned to grow herbs in it, but changed her mind, thinking it might create bald patches if she needed to cut a lot at once.  After discussing the possibilities we decided to use a mix of houseplants which would enjoy the warm, moist atmosphere of a kitchen.

As well as coming up with a planting scheme to suit the conditions, we had other factors to consider.  It was a fascinating task to design and install a custom green wall to fit the available space exactly.  We also had to find a temporary solution to the issue of possible excess water from the irrigation system.  The client is planning to have the pipework plumbed into the waste stack to drain away with other waste water, but until then, we have used a small glass reservoir (otherwise known as a bottle!) that can be emptied as necessary.

If you’d like to see more pictures follow the link to the Client’s instagram post.  You can read what lots of different people thought of the wall, but they all had something in common.  Everyone seemed unanimous on the fact that it looks amazing!!

Don’t forget that whether you want an interior or an outdoor living wall, the Rosewood team is available to talk to you about what’s possible in your own particular situation.  We can fit a vertical garden almost anywhere!  Ring 01727 811448 and ask for Calum if you’d like to know more.