create a stunning balcony garden with a Rosewood living wall

Create a Stunning Balcony Garden

Is a balcony your only outdoor space?

If you have very little space outside – just a balcony or small terrace, for example – you may feel that a lush green garden is impossible.  You might imagine that you’re limited to a few pots or a window box, but this isn’t the case.  You can create a stunning balcony garden with a Rosewood living wall!  The footprint of our walls is very small, meaning that they can fit almost anywhere.

A living wall adds a new dimension

Our photos this week show a beautiful new living wall we installed at an apartment in Radlett.  The client was absolutely delighted with the transformation to the terrace area.  It overlooks green space, so already had a pleasant view, but is now a gorgeous garden area in its own right.  We agree with the owner – we think this space is now “a haven of colour and beauty” (see Trustpilot review).  Just imagine the difference a living wall could make to a balcony in the middle of a city!

Not just a visual delight

A vertical garden isn’t only a feast for the eyes.  It also creates a habitat for bees and butterflies, which is lovely for you, and also contributes to wildlife corridors if green areas are scarce where you live.  The plants in a living wall improve air quality, and also create a sound barrier.  This means that if neighbours are using their balcony at the same time, privacy is greatly improved.  A living wall is useful AND beautiful!

Find out more

The pictures below show the installation sequence.  We first fit the support structure for the wall, including irrigation.  Then we begin planting, following the agreed design.  The final result is spectacular!

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