engraving of auriculas from The Temple of Flora

Engraving of Auriculas

Our latest example from Robert John Thornton’s Temple of Flora book is an engraving of auriculas.  Botanical illustration is unsurprisingly a popular art form as far as garden-lovers are concerned.  That’s why we’re sure that you’re going to love this flower engraving.

Auriculas belong to the same family as primroses and cowslips.  Because of this, the auricula is sometimes known as the mountain cowslip.  Another alternative name is ‘Bear’s Ear’ which relates to the shape of the leaves rather than the flowers.  However, the name ‘auricula’ just means ‘ear-like’ and doesn’t relate to any particular ears!   The leaves grow in a rosette shape at the base of the flower stem, which is bare and straight like a drumstick.  The flowers all grow at the top of the stem.

Auriculas have been cultivated for a very long time, and hundreds of varieties exist.  You can see a few on the Royal Horticultural Society’s Auricula Information Page  but there are too many to illustrate on one website.  Even the Temple of Flora book has a second engraving with some other auriculas in it.  One wouldn’t have been enough to showcase such a successful garden plant!

Many gardeners grow and display auriculas in the traditional way.  This involves individual plants growing in their own tiny pots, often displayed in a ‘theatre’.  We think a living wall might provide a modern twist on the theatre idea!  Give us a call to find out more about vertical gardens from Rosewood.  Ring 01727 811448 and speak to our friendly office staff.