green wall maintenance keeps the visual impact as strong as ever

Green Wall Maintenance Means Visual Impact

We’ve talked before about how a small amount of regular upkeep will make all the difference to a living wall.  On a day-to-day basis, a well-designed vertical garden needs little or no attention apart from the admiring glances it’s sure to receive.  In terms of watering, it takes care of itself, as we fit irrigation to our living walls as standard.  Once we install the structure and add the planting, you shouldn’t have to do anything to look after yours.  However, a little bit of green wall maintenance from us keeps the wow factor that your wall had right at the start.

We aim to visit our clients three or four times a year, with timings varying according to the season.  Each wall will need slightly different work done, but for us, green wall maintenance covers two main areas.

One area is the structural element of the vertical garden, including the self-contained irrigation.  We check that all the pipework is clear of debris and that water is moving through the system as intended.  We also make sure that the planting troughs are all in good order.

The second area is, of course, the planting.  Depending on the time of year, we deal with deadheading, pruning, etc.    Sometimes plants flourish so well that we need to cut them back a little: take a look at our photo!  However, when a plant looks tired, or is failing to flourish, or even, on rare occasions, has died, we replace it.  Whatever the needs of your plants, we tend them to achieve the best look overall for your wall.  We want to make sure it retains that wow factor.

Green wall maintenance really does ensure that each living wall continues to look its best.  We want them to stay fabulous.  After all, they are the best advert for Rosewood that we could have!