hedera heuchera and hebe: the Rosewood living wall classics

Hedera, Heuchera and Hebe

When you choose a Rosewood living wall, we design it especially for your location.  We look carefully at how much sun your vertical garden will receive.  Your garden style also plays a part in our decision.  With so many plants to choose from (no need to stick to climbers) you might expect us to use a completely different set of plants in every new wall.   However, this is not the case.  We do use a wide variety of species, but there are some plants which are so perfect in a green wall that we use them regularly.  Hedera, heuchera and hebe make perfect components of any living wall!

All three are evergreen and provide year-round interest.  They also come in different varieties enabling us to choose between several colours of leaf or flower.  And they tolerate partial shade.  How could we not use them?!

We often select at least one from hedera, heuchera and hebe, but of course we pair them with other plants to provide the best mix for a particular design.  You can see lots of our living wall designs here on our Gallery page .  If you’d like to see what we’d design for your outdoor space, just give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.  Ring 01727 811448 and ask for Calum.