heucheras in living walls provide year round interest

Heucheras in Living Walls For All-Year Interest

When designing a planting scheme for a new living wall, there’s are several things to consider.  First, we have to think about the location, and whether the wall will be in full sun, partial shade or full shade.  Next we find out the client’s preferences so that we can ensure they will love the look of their vertical garden.  We come up with a design based on these considerations, so plant choices vary considerably.  However, we find that there is one plant that’s useful in almost every situation.  Heucheras in living walls provide colour, and year-round interest.

What’s so great about heucheras then?  Well, firstly there are so many varieties that there’s one for every possible planting scheme.  There are literally hundreds of different colours available, including red, brown, maroon, orange, green, yellow, silver and black.  There are even two-toned colours available!  Whatever a client’s preferred colour scheme, there will be several choices of heuchera to fit.

The most important reason for including heucheras in living walls though, is that they are pretty much evergreen, providing those lovely colours during every season, even winter.  You can see the frost on the leaves in our photograph!  There aren’t many plants that offer quite the same number of choices for all-year colour and texture.  We love them!

If you take a look at our Case Studies and Gallery pages you can see loads of examples of heucheras in living walls that we’ve installed.  They fit with so many schemes we rarely make a wall without one variety or another!