indoor living walls are bang on-trend

Indoor living walls are bang on-trend

We’ve been asked to design and install several interior vertical gardens over recent months.  This area of the industry is really growing (no pun intended), but it’s no surprise to us.  There are loads of reasons why indoor living walls are bang on-trend!

Why are plant walls so popular indoors?

It’s no secret that since the pandemic, we’ve all been more mindful, and more aware of the simple pleasures of life.  The natural world is visually attractive, and also calming for our anxious minds.  Bringing nature inside our homes and offices lets us enjoy those benefits indoors as well as outside. We’ve also seen innovations in the structural side of green walls, which make them easier to build indoors.  Products such as PlantBox allow us to create amazing interior walls of plants with ease.  The troughs support a wide variety of planting, so we can use any houseplants that suit the location.  These interior vertical gardens look incredible and provide all the benefits of the soothing power of plants.


Living walls even work within the Passivhaus system, helping to maintain a constant temperature within a building and provide better air quality and comfort for the inhabitants.  This is a very specific use but, again, no surprise to Rosewood.  To us, the physical and mental benefits of plants in our homes and workspaces are obvious!

If you’d like to read more about some of these thoughts, why not head to a post about them on the Rosewood Living Walls LinkedIn page?

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