Interior Living Walls Add the Wow Factor Indoors!

We brought you a post recently about the new trend in kitchen design for including interior living walls.  Having just installed a green wall inside another domestic property, we feel this trend is an important one in interior design generally.  We are absolutely delighted with this wall too, and wanted to show you pictures so you can see the difference one can make.  This particular example is sited at the top of a staircase.  It’s in a little area that might otherwise have been wasted space.  The transformation has been amazing!  Look at the main photo of the finished green wall – interior living walls definitely add the wow factor!

Before the installation

Our pictures show the process of physically making the wall.  However, what you can’t see is the preliminary work involved.  First of all, our living wall team look at the proposed site and discuss the size of vertical garden that’s possible.  After that, our plant experts work out which species will be most suitable for growing in the location.  Interior living walls are obviously planted with houseplants rather than garden varieties.  However, there is still a considerable amount of choice.  We talk to clients about this to make sure that we come up with a living wall design that the client will love.  It’s important to have species that will grow happily, but the client has to be delighted by the way it looks.

Installation day

Once the design has been finalised, the Rosewood team arrive on the day to install the green wall.  We bring everything with us.  This includes the PlantBox troughs which provide the structure.  It also includes the irrigation system for the wall, and the plants, of course.  We lay everything out in a convenient place so that we can get on with the job as efficiently as possible.  The installation is fairly quick – a small living wall like this one takes only a few hours to install.

The process

As you can see from our pictures, the first thing we do is install the structure.  We will already have worked out how many troughs we need, so we place them according to our design.  Once the structure is in place, we add irrigation.  That way, the customer doesn’t need to worry about how much to water the plants: everything is integrated.  Finally, we do the planting!

It’s all very straightforward when you know what you’re doing, and our clients know that Rosewood is a company they can trust.  If you’d like to find out more, take a look at Our Process.

Then all that remains is for you to give Rosewood a call!  01727 811448 is the number to ring – ask for Calum and we can start to talk about the possibilities for your property.  Interior living walls are one trend we think is only going to grow!