Interior living walls by Rosewood look amazing and bring nature indoors

Interior Living Walls for Home or Office

Bring a vertical garden inside!

It’s nearly spring, and we can finally get outside and enjoy our gardens.  Don’t forget though, that having plants inside is also beneficial.  Plants in pots look wonderful, of course, but for increased impact and less effort, we recommend interior living walls.

So many benefits

Having nature indoors brings with it a sense of peace and wellbeing.  We think that benefit increases when there’s enough greenery to create a real impact!  Studies have also shown that in offices with interior living walls, productivity is increased due to better staff morale.  This could be because plants improve the air quality and absorb noise.  Alternatively it might simply be that a wall of plants is beautiful without making any demands on us to think about it.  We can just enjoy experiencing it.

Rosewood has the expertise

Our speciality is green walls for the residential market and for smaller-scale business premises.  Rather than designing living walls covering the exteriors of entire shopping centres or whole office blocks, we like working on living walls that have a human scale, that will create a better environment on a more personal level.  We installed the one in the photos as part of the ongoing refurbishment of the reception area of an office building.  Staff and visitors are going to love being in an environment that includes this green oasis!

If you would like a vertical garden in your home or office, you might enjoy looking at our Case Studies Page to see some of our favourite projects.  You can browse the website to find out more, or give us a call on 01727 811448.  We can answer any questions and advise you on how to proceed.