living wall makes a spectacular staircase

Living Wall Makes A Spectacular Staircase

Rosewood recently worked on a really exciting job, creating a green wall around an outdoor set of stairs.  The design was more complex than usual as we had to find a way to fit in as much planting as possible around the stairs themselves.  As a result, we made three separate sections of vertical garden.  We installed two at right angles to each other in the corner above the steps, and built the larger third section below them.   We hoped to transform the harsh, bare setting into something altogether more vibrant.  In the end we think we were successful.  We certainly found that we were right to imagine that a living wall makes a spectacular staircase.

See the steps

The photographic sequence below shows the stone steps and their immediate surroundings before we started the installation.  Then it shows various stages throughout the job.  Poor Chris had to work hunched up to get right underneath the stairs, but it was worth it!  The end result proves that a living wall makes a spectacular staircase!

You too could add a new dimension

Seeing the way that a green wall can transform an unlovely area into something really special, perhaps you can imagine where one might add a new dimension to your own outdoor space.  If so, just call Calum at Rosewood Living Walls and he’ll discuss some ideas with you.  Ring any time Monday to Friday between 9 and 5 and we can work out what will suit your garden.  Our expertise means that install a green wall in almost any location.