living walls add the wow factor to weddings and other events

Living Walls add the Wow Factor to Weddings

If you run a commercial wedding venue, you’ll obviously be wanting to make sure it’s as attractive as possible to couples.  We can help! We believe that living walls add the wow factor to weddings (and other events).  No matter how great your venue, a stunning wall of plants makes it even more fabulous!

Our wedding space is indoors – will a living wall be possible?

If your venue is an indoor space, we can add a new dimension there too!  Bringing the outdoors in makes the room where you hold your ceremony or celebration so much more inviting.  We all know how amazing cut flowers look: a plant wall looks just as good, but it doesn’t die or need replacing!  Actually, living walls are suitable for almost any space.  We design the planting to suit the situation, whether it’s indoors or outside, in sun or in shade.  Not only that, we can also tailor the colour scheme to your requirements.

A permanent fixture or a wall to change with the seasons?

Some venues want us to design a permanent vertical garden that stays in one location with the same planting.  Of course we can replace any individual specimens that start to look a bit tired or unhappy, but the overall wall stays the same.  Alternatively we can create a seasonal wall, with planting that lasts for the whole summer, for example, and is either replanted for the winter season, or dismantled at the end of the summer.  You choose – it’s your venue!

It goes without saying that each wall is designed to suit the venue and the location, and that we make sure it looks fabulous from day one.  Once we have installed your vertical garden, including full irrigation, there is no day-to-day maintenance required.  You can sit back and enjoy how beautiful it looks.

A green wall, filled with plants, makes the ideal backdrop for ceremonies, celebrations and photographs.  Just give us a call or contact us via this website, and we can discuss the possibilities with you.