living walls for tiny spaces - a green wall can turn even a tiny city garden into a tranquil oasis

Living Walls for Tiny Spaces

As you probably know, at Rosewood we design and install living walls in many different places.  We’ve worked on ones that are double storey height, and others that are only waist high.  Some cover a large width, and others are less than a metre wide.  The point is that they can fit almost any space you can imagine.  However, green walls really come into their own in outdoor areas where a traditional garden just won’t fit.  We wholeheartedly recommend living walls for tiny spaces, where they can provide a green oasis despite the small size of the available space.

A small but stunning oasis in the city

Our photos show a new installation in Islington, London.  Our client wanted us to create a garden in the area just outside the sliding doors into the house.  This area was small, and also had stairs that leading from it, so there wasn’t much room for planting.  You might have though a garden would be impossible.  However, the small footprint of the PlantBox structure that we use made it simple.  Our living walls are only fifteen centimetres deep, so they’re a great idea even where there’s hardly any space.   For this Islington space, Calum designed an L-shaped vertical garden that runs along the wall next to the sliding doors and then turns the corner.  As you descend the stairs into this little garden area you now meet a beautiful green wall, which makes a tranquil oasis to sit in or to look out on.  It’s not just visually attractive either.  A living wall benefits human wellbeing, and also benefits the environment.  Urban greening is so important if we’re to maintain biodiversity, and a wall of plants in an urban area can make all the difference to a wide variety of bees, butterflies and birds.