living walls in rented properties can create a garden where you don't have one

Living Walls in Rented Properties

Do you belong to one of the third of UK households who live in rented accommodation?  Home ownership is decreasing and most young people are finding it difficult to get on the housing ladder.  This means that, sadly, many garden-lovers don’t have a garden to call their own.  Tenants in flats don’t have outside space apart from perhaps a balcony.  Those in rented houses may have access to a garden but can’t treat it as their own.  Either way, we have a solution to the problem!  Living walls in rented properties make an indoor garden possible if you have no outside area.  They also have a tiny footprint, so will easily fit on a balcony.  Let us tell you more.

Suitable for a balcony

A vertical garden is easy to fit into spaces where a traditional garden would be impossible.  A balcony is deep enough to house a living wall at one or both ends.  These vertical gardens allow you to enjoy looking at plants, which create a restful atmosphere.  You could also plant edible herbs, strawberries or salad leaves if you enjoy growing your own food.  And a living wall encourages bees, butterflies and birds to visit your balcony, adding an extra dimension of enjoyment.

An indoor garden

Many tenants enjoy using houseplants to create a greener space inside their homes.  Younger people are part of a growing trend for using plants in their homes.  Each trough of our green walls holds around four plants.  This means you can create a larger indoor garden than by using individual plants.  Why not bring the outside in, enjoy better air quality and the relaxing atmosphere plants create.  Not only that, but a Rosewood living wall makes a fantastic decor statement.  It will look amazing, we promise you!  Your instagram posts will love the difference!

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