no hassle vertical gardens give instant impact and a host of benefits

No Hassle Vertical Gardens

It goes almost without saying that a living wall in your garden or home creates instant visual impact.  You probably know that a vertical garden also brings environmental benefits such as improved air quality and a habitat for bees and butterflies.  Not only that, but it also delivers greater mental wellbeing for those in the vicinity.  We all recognise how being close to plants and nature increase our sense of inner peace, making us stay calm and focused.  What you may NOT know, is that you can obtain a living wall with no worry about how to achieve or maintain it.  Equally, there’s no stress about having part of your garden or home out of action for weeks. Rosewood can install no hassle vertical gardens in less than a day!

Rosewood makes it easy

Did you think that a residential green wall would take a lot of effort and time on your part?  Think again!  Rosewood takes on all the effort and takes away any stress involved.  We have lots of knowledge and experience in plant walls for domestic properties, and we utilise them to design and fit the best wall for YOU.   There are several ways in which Rosewood makes a living wall easy for you.


We know what’s what, regarding which plants will work, and what conditions they like.  So we talk to you about what you would like, but also let you know what will grow successfully where your living wall is sited. Together we work out how you want your vertical garden to look.  Then we choose plants and a design ethos to suit that.

Installation and planting

Once the planning stages are over, the practical work takes its place.  Again, we make sure that everything is done in a way that is completely stress-free.  Firstly, we use best quality materials so you can rely on the structure we put in place for you.  Then, in most cases we also fit the living wall with automatic irrigation.  Our sister company Rosewood Irrigation Services has almost a decade of garden irrigation under its belt, so you know we’ll get it right.  The irrigation within the green wall means you don’t have to worry about when to water.  Everything is done automatically – that’s one more hassle removed!

We plant your vertical garden following the agreed design, using great quality plants from a supplier we know and trust.  It’ll already be looking amazing, because we select plants that are large enough to create impact from day one.  And finally, we clear up!  There’s no mess left behind – we leave your garden or home looking just as it did before we arrived, except that you now have a beautiful living wall!

If you’d like to read more about what’s involved, head to Our Process. As well as finding out exactly how we work, you can also see a time-lapse video clip of us installing a no hassle vertical garden from start to finish.