spring flower living walls - full of daffodils for bright spring colour

Spring Flower Living Walls

When we design a living wall, we like to use plants that provide a variety of colours and textures.  Most of the time we choose evergreens and semi-evergreens.  That way our vertical gardens look wonderful all year round.  However, these amazing spring flower living walls shows how single species planting can look incredible.

These walls of daffodils make a perfect spring garden display, giving a modern twist on an old tradition.  Of course the flowering season doesn’t last for long, so these walls will need replanting for summer.  It’s not a problem though, it just means replanting with summer bedding, which can then be replaced again in due course. You can treat this type of living wall just like a flower bed and keep ringing the changes.

So, we all agree that spring flower living walls can look great.  However, it may be that you prefer something low maintenance that doesn’t need replanting each season.  If that’s the case, we can provide you with our usual living wall designs, consisting of an exciting mix of easy-care plants.  Your vertical garden won’t need replanting unless there’s the odd unhappy specimen.  And don’t forget that we can replace any individual plants as necessary, and trim back any overgrowth, as part of our regular maintenance service.  At the same time we also check the structural elements of your green wall and the irrigation system that keeps it healthy.  Get in touch with Rosewood if you’d like to find out more about living walls.  We can advise you about what will work for your situation, and design something to suit your requirements perfectly.