tall vertical gardens with the wow factor, designed and installed by Rosewood

Tall vertical gardens with the wow factor

Last week we installed two amazing living walls in the outside space of a home in Maida Vale, London.  The pictures say it all.  These really are tall vertical gardens with the wow factor!  We designed them carefully to fit the client’s space, and we’re extremely pleased with the end result.  The two make a huge visual impact, and have completely transformed the area.  What was quite an uninspiring white wall is now a lush, verdant landscape!

We took three full days over the installation as the two walls were high ones.  Of course, we planned the designs in advance, in consultation with the customer, but the task of actually creating the structures is time-consuming.  And then we have the planting!  That’s the exciting part, but it needs care and attention to get it perfect.

The height of the two living walls meant that we had to use a scaffolding tower to build them.  We followed our usual method of installing the PlantBox sections piece by piece.  Little by little we added new layers, until we achieved the right height.  After that, we installed full irrigation, to make watering the walls simple, and then it was time to plant them up!  Following our planting design, we filled the walls with gorgeous flora. You can see the progress in the series of pictures below.  At the end the walls looked absolutely beautiful, we think anyone would agree!

We always select our plants carefully, ensuring that the visual impact will be strong from the moment we install the wall.  It might be cheaper to start with tiny plants, but the effect is just not the same.  Take a look at Our Gallery if you’d like to see further examples.  Then all you need to do is give Rosewood Living Walls a call.  Our helpful office team can set up a visit from our expert designers to discuss what planting would work in the location you’d like to use.  The first step to transforming your space is to get in touch today!