the tranquillity of a garden could be yours even on a balcony

The Tranquillity of a Garden

In these busy times, we all need a little peace to help us maintain our sanity.  Spending time in nature works wonders, that’s something most people agree on.  The quotation pictured above, from John Lubbock, reminds us how important it is to take time to relax.  Each one of us needs the chance to be still, do nothing and just be.  Letting your mind wander as you watch the clouds, feel the gentle breeze and listen to the birds is amazingly restorative.  So, if you have your own outdoor space, you’re very lucky.  The tranquillity of a garden is hard to beat.

But what do you do if your outdoor space isn’t large enough for a lawn to lie on, or flower borders?  Perhaps you only have a small paved area, or even just a balcony.  If that’s the case, why not consider a vertical garden instead of a horizontal one?  That way you can still spend time outside relaxing and enjoying the little green oasis you’ve created.  To paraphrase Lubbock, resting is not the same as being lazy.  Rather, it’s a vital part of keeping yourself healthy mentally and physically.

If you think a vertical garden would allow you to the benefits of nature that you might be missing otherwise, why not call Rosewood?  We can design a living wall that fits your space perfectly and fill it with plants that suit the postition.  But leave it all to us.  We have a great deal of experience designing, installing and maintaining green walls in a huge range of sizes.  So if the tranquillity of a garden is something you longed for but thought you couldn’t accommodate, let Rosewood help you bring that peace to your property!