urban greening in beautiful London homes

Urban Greening in Beautiful London Homes

Different properties with different outdoor spaces

We are lucky at Rosewood – we work in lovely gardens of many different kinds.  Our teams see a huge variety of properties with equally varied outdoor spaces.  In our cities, space is at a premium.  Even the most luxurious properties rarely have large gardens, so bringing plants into the smaller spaces available is really important.  We have to keep our cities green, for the sake of our own mental well-being, and to preserve some wildlife habitat, especially for vitally important pollinating insects such as bees.  Of course, cities often have parks.  However, we also need to introduce plants wherever possible around both residential and commercial property, in order to keep green corridors for wildlife.  You may ask whether this sits well in distinctive upmarket residences, but the answer is yes!  Luckily, living walls even lend themselves to urban greening in beautiful London homes where gardens are usually impossible.

A large living wall installation in London

Recently Rosewood Living Walls installed a large vertical garden at a gorgeous private residence in the Regent’s Park area.  The end result made a beautiful addition to a lovely property, giving the outdoor courtyard area a new dimension.  We took photos as we worked, keeping a record of the way the wall developed.   You may be thinking about having a living wall installed at your own property.  If so, you will be interested in the sequence of images below, showing how we proceed during an installation.

How it works

Once we hear your ideas and come up with an agreed design, we arrange to come and build your living wall.  We set up the structure first, including full irrigation to the planting areas if this is included.  We have all the plants ready, and our expert engineers work to the agreed design.  Gradually, we fill the structure with plants and then check that everything looks as it’s meant to.  Finally we test any irrigation components and make sure everything works properly.  All that’s left then is for us to tidy up and leave you to enjoy your new living wall!  You can click the following link to find out more about the process, or you can give us a call on 01727 811448.  We’re waiting to answer your questions Monday to Friday between 9 and 5.