use living walls to soften structures

Use Living Walls to Soften Structures

Whether your home is an older property or a new build, it will certainly have man-made structures such as walls, patio areas, railings and fences.  Have you noticed how these can look and feel hard, inflexible, and cold?  Of course, sometimes this suits the vibe of the property (in a modernist home, for example).  However, even where they want clean modernist lines, architects and builders often use natural materials to create a more harmonious environment.  They might choose stone for walls, and wood for doors, window-frames and fences.  While we then find the materials more in tune with nature, it’s not necessarily enough.  Building requirements lead to man-made structures being unnaturally angular, whatever they are made of.  And we human beings respond better to natural, undulating forms, especially in places where we want to relax.  It’s with this in mind we suggest how to use living walls to soften structures.

What do we mean?

Take a look at our main photograph.  This garden is surrounded by high-quality wooden fencing, but without the Rosewood green wall, the lines might seem a little harsh.  Installing a vertical garden that maintains clean lines and a clearly defined edge is a great way to soften the vibe, without losing the modern feel.

In the photos below, each one illustrates how to use living walls to soften structures.  You may feel a patio area could benefit from the introduction of something green and living.  Perhaps you have an ugly shed with a wall you’d like to cover completely.  All these things are possible with vertical gardening – take a look at our Case Studies to see further examples.

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