watering a tall living wall like this needs built-in irrigation, which we include in Rosewood's designs

Watering a Tall Living Wall

At Rosewood, all the living walls we design and install are pretty much hassle-free.  First of all, we use low-maintenance planting.  For example, we design our walls with a great mix of evergreen and semi-evergreen plants, so they look great all year round.  Watering is also simple.  The troughs we use to form the structure of the living wall include a built in water reservoir.  Watering is only needed when the indicators at the side show that the reservoir needs refilling.  You water the top trough, and water flows down through the troughs to the bottom, filling the whole lot from above.  Sounds simple, but how do you go about watering a tall living wall?  A green wall that is too high to reach the top could be awkward to water manually, even though it doesn’t need doing very often.  And if your vertical garden is several storeys high, you definitely need built-in irrigation!

So, how does it work?

When we install a living wall that could be awkward to water manually due to its height, we always recommend built in irrigation.  Of course this is also something we offer for all our smaller green walls too, just for convenience, but watering a tall living wall would be very difficult.  The plant wall in our picture is one we installed in a courtyard in Maida Vale, London.  It stretches up through several storeys of a building, providing an attractive vertical garden when people are outside.  It also means that from indoors, there are plants to see through the windows rather than bare manmade structures.  But there’s no way anybody could reach the top for watering.

This is where our irrigation systems provide the answer.  We install fully automated irrigation to the troughs, connected by fixed pipework to an outdoor water supply and controlled by timers.  We set the timers for you and that’s it!  No further watering required.  All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the green oasis your Rosewood living wall will provide!