we salute the inventor of the green wall, Stanley Hart White

We Salute the Inventor of the Green Wall

Everything starts with the seed of an idea

In any sector – transport, creative, construction, service industries, tech, or anything else –  there were pioneers who originally came up with the germ of an idea that led to the creation of that industry.  So, writers have to thank Guttenberg for the invention of the printing press.  Similarly, car manufacturers have the inventors of the wheel to thank.  Here at Rosewood, we salute the inventor of the green wall, Stanley Hart White.

A talented family

Stanley Hart White was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1891.  His mother was the daughter of Scottish-American painter William Hart, and both he and his younger brother Elwyn (E. B. White, author of Charlotte’s Web) inherited boundless creativity.

A pioneer in his field

Stanley was an alumnus of both Cornell University (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences) and Harvard (Graduate School of Design).  After that, he became Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Illinois.  Once there, he created a pioneering department.  Through his innovative teaching, he influenced a number of important figures.  In this way, he is credited with modernising the field of landscape architecture.

Not only that, he developed his ‘botanical bricks’ invention alongside his teaching.  He built the prototypes himself in his back garden!  These were the precursors to the ‘vegetation-bearing Architectonic Structure and System’ which he patented in 1938.  This invention was a vertical garden system which could be built up to the size and shape required.

No Stanley Hart White, no Living Walls!

At Rosewood Living Walls, we know how beautiful and beneficial vertical gardens can be.  We know that without Stanley Hart White, green walls wouldn’t exist, so we’re immensely grateful that he was such a creative pioneer.  If you’d like to know more about him, you can click through to the Stanley Hart White wikipedia page

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out about installing a living wall in your own garden, we’re the experts! Give Calum a call on 01727 811448 and have a chat about your requirements.  We’re waiting to hear from you!