why add a living wall in 2021? Rosewood points out the mental health benefits of a vertical garden

Why Add a Living Wall in 2021?

Our Homes And Gardens Are Our Refuges – Let’s Make Them The Best They Can Be!

2021 is definitely a good year to think about installing a vertical garden where you live.  Most of us are hoping for a better year than 2020 has been.  However the Covid pandemic hasn’t gone away yet.  This means we’re continuing to spend much more time at home than we used to.  Many of us have used the opportunity to improve the places where we live. We put time, energy and money into them that we might previously have spent on other things that aren’t available to us currently.  We’re making our homes and gardens, even if they’re tiny, into refuges where we can weather the storm in the most pleasant setting possible, sharing quality time with the people we love best.  So why add a living wall in 2021?  Read on and find out the benefits.

A new dimension that’s right on trend

One of the biggest current trends in both gardening and interior design is installing green walls.  They aren’t just beautiful, they also have numerous other benefits.  Outside, they’re good for the environment.  Exterior plant walls clean the air of pollution and reduce traffic noise.  They also provide extra areas of habitat for bees and butterflies.  In fact, a small living wall on the balcony of an urban flat might offer a vital area of planting in an otherwise built-up area.  Indoors, a plant wall cleans the air, and brings green, living things into the home.  It adds vivid colour and texture and makes far more of a statement than houseplants in pots can do.

But why now?

The main reason, however, that we think 2021 is the time to install a living wall, is for the mental health benefits they provide.  Many of us could do with an oasis of calm, peaceful green in our lives at such a stressful time.  There are numerous studies that show a correlation between having plants in our living or working space and an increased sense of wellbeing.  A green wall allows you to bring in a large number of plants – with lots of different colours and textures – without taking up valuable floor space.

And of course, interior or exterior, they look amazing!!

Do get in touch with Rosewood if you’d like to discuss what might work at your home.  Our living walls are specifically designed to suit domestic properties and their gardens (however small).  Take a look at some of our  Case Studies so you can imagine what might be possible.  Wherever you live, there’s a vertical garden to suit you!