balcony garden ideas

Balcony Garden Ideas

Are you one of the many gardening fans who lives in a situation where you don’t have a garden of your own?  Do you reside in a flat or apartment but long for your own green space?  If so, you might be on the lookout for brilliant balcony garden ideas.

How about a living wall?

At Rosewood, we have long championed the idea of creating living walls on balconies.  A green wall uses a tiny footprint of space, and allows garden fans in flats the possibility of creating a verdant oasis on a balcony.   Green-fingered apartment-dwellers can still enjoy the tranquillity and beauty offered by a garden.  This is despite having no other outdoor space except their balcony.

You might think that vertical gardens need to be planted with climbers.  However, this isn’t the case, thanks to the stacking trough structure we use.  These troughs mean that as long as a plant doesn’t have particularly deep-growing roots or need to grow particularly tall, we can use anything that suits the general location.  For example, living walls on shaded balconies still need plants that are happy in shade (ferns, heuchera, etc).  Nevertheless, we aren’t restricted to using only climbing shade-lovers like ivy.

What about watering?

The troughs would usually be fitted with automatic irrigation, meaning that you don’t even need to worry about watering.  However, in circumstances where there is no outdoor water supply, manual watering is very easy.  The troughs have reservoirs that don’t need topping up very often and each plant can take up what water it individually requires.  There are indicators to show when a refill is required – simplicity itself!

Here are some we made earlier!

Our photos show three examples of balcony living walls designed and installed by Rosewood.   One of them is also featured on a previous post.  You can click through to read about create a stunning balcony garden.  We always choose decent sized healthy plants so that the green wall looks great from day one.  After installation, we can also set up maintenance visits where we come back every few months to ensure that the planting is healthy.  We prune back anything that requires it, and fill any gaps with new plants.

If you like our balcony garden ideas, why not give Rosewood a call?  Speak to Calum and he can talk to you about the possibilities at your property.  Ring us on 01727 811448 and we can answer any questions.