best choice of plants for living walls

Best Choice of Plants for Living Walls

The Rosewood Polytunnel

You may have seen a previous blog post where we mentioned the new polytunnel at the Rosewood yard.  If not you can click through to it here: previous post including the new polytunnel.  We need a constant supply of good quality plants for our vertical garden installations.  The polytunnel provides the best environment for our plants.  To begin with we sourced them from reputable outside suppliers.  However, with our green-fingered expert Erika on hand, we’ve been growing our own plants.  Now the polytunnel enables us to have the best choice of plants for living walls right where we need them.

Growing our own

Raising our own plants means that we can be absolutely certain that they are strong and healthy before we use them.  We can grow the right varieties that we need, and also make sure that we have the right quantity available.  Really it’s a no-brainer!  The photo here shows what a beautiful selection we have.  As always, you know that Rosewood will use the best choice of plants for living walls and provide you with a green wall that adds a wonderful new dimension to your garden or interior.  Give us a call to find out more!