evergreen living walls provide year round interest

Evergreen Living Walls for Year-Round Interest

The living wall in our photograph above is one that we installed in the summer.  We took the photograph on our routine maintenance visit three months after installation.  It was only a few days ago, so almost at the end of November.  However, the wall looks remarkably similar now to how it did when we first planted it, despite moving from summer to winter.  When we created vertical garden designs, we do our best to make sure that we include plants that will look wonderful all year round.  Evergreen living walls keep it simple for our clients: perennials keep growing year after year with just light maintenance.  There’s no need to keep replanting as the seasons change.

Heucheras again!

You may remember our recent blog post about heucheras, where we discussed the way that this genus works so successfully in plant walls.  There are lots of varieties to choose from, but in the living wall above we used ‘Binoche’, which has dark leaves, sometimes almost black.  You might also be interested to hear about the other plants contributing to this example of evergreen living walls.

Other plants we used

Euonymus varieties are also a great choice.  In this wall we used  one called ’emerald ‘n’ gold’, which, not surprisingly, has green and yellow foliage.  It’s also evergreen, as you would expect.   Ferns are always a good choice, and many of them also provide year-round interest.  Lastly, we’ve included small herbaceous perennial called Liriope Muscari, which has evergreen grass-like foliage.  It has the added bonus of flowering at this time of year.  If you look carefully at the photo you can see the purple flower spikes, which weren’t there in August.

There are plenty to choose from

Of course we have a lot of knowledge about which plants work in which situations, so our choices depend very much on the location of your planned living wall.  However, there are so many possibilities that we can always come up with a vertical garden design that you will love, whether it will be sited in full sun, full shade, or somewhere in between.  Give Rosewood Living Walls a call to talk about the possibilities!