interior living wall goals at the Castello di Aglie near Turin

Interior Living Wall Goals at Castello di Aglie

You may remember that previously, we showed you the lovely Hanging Garden at the Castello di Aglie. This historic building near Turin in Italy has a huge outdoor green wall.  Do take a look back at our February Hanging Garden at Castello di Aglie post, if you’d like to see it again.  It’s an amazing sight.  However, the incredible living wall that’s inside the castle is equally amazing.  The whole of ‘le serre’ (an orangery-type room with huge windows) is completely covered in plants.  That even includes the beautiful vaulted ceilings!  If you want interior living wall goals, we can’t imagine anything more dramatic!

The still photos above come from a YouTube video on the website of the Regional Directorate of Piedmont Museums.  Do click through to take a look at the video, Complete Tour of Castello di Aglie, especially if you’re planning an Italian holiday.  It includes a tour of the whole castle, with views of the interior and the gardens. Of course, the main thing we want you to see is the fantastic interior living wall.  That appears at approximately 2 minutes 20 seconds through the video.  Anyway, the whole Castello looks an amazing place to visit.

Of course this is an exceptional space for a living wall, and most of us don’t have a room like this!  However, Rosewood can provide you with a vertical garden to suit your own interior, whatever it might be.  Give Calum a call on 01727 811448 and he’ll be happy to answer your questions.