living wall surrounding TV

Living Wall Surrounding a TV

Last December, we did a really interesting installation in Borehamwood.  We had designed a living wall for the newly built headquarters of Griggs Homes, a long-established local house-building firm.  We posted about the job in January, so you can see installation photos and read more about the original job.  Just look at our post about office interior living walls.   That post also discusses the general trend for having vertical gardens in office spaces – something that benefits the mental and physical wellbeing of staff.   In this post, we wanted to talk about what we found when we returned after three months for a routine maintenance visit.   We were expecting the living wall surrounding a TV, because we had been asked to leave space for one in our design, but the rest was a surprise!

You can see in the first picture that we worked around two rectangular spaces at the time of the installation.  When coming up with our design, Griggs asked us to create a plant wall that would surround a TV and a wall unit.  With that in mind, when we came back for our maintenance visit, we expected to see some sort of shelving or cupboard fixed in place near the TV.  Not so!

We think the combination looks amazing!  There’s a large flatscreen television, exactly as we anticipated.  However, they’ve also installed a dartboard with lighting defining its location.  We think the two are really enhanced by the natural green of the living wall surrounding them.  At Rosewood, we’re certain that everybody who sees this will want the same thing.  If your office, games room or communal area needs an update, get in touch and chat to Calum.  He can advise you about doing something similar.  Hurry though – we think there’ll be a queue!