living walls for small gardens really make all the difference, as this review shows

Living Walls for Small Gardens

This lovely five-star review appeared on our Google business profile recently.  Our customer was obviously delighted with her new Rosewood living wall.  The review reminded us that for customers without huge gardens, a green wall really can make all the difference.  We deal with living walls for small gardens on a regular basis, and there’s a reason for this.

A vertical garden stacks planting space in a very small footprint.  This means that it’s still easy to create a lush, green garden where there is very little ground space available.  Even a balcony is big enough!  We have installed living walls that occupy no more room than a window box, but have space for ten times the number of plants.

However tiny your garden is we can add a new dimension that will help.  In fact why not take a look at a living wall we installed on a balcony last year?  You can look at it  here.    And you can be sure that we’ll make your vertical garden work whether it’s in sun or shade. The Rosewood team is knowledgeable about all aspects of living walls for small gardens, including which plants to use depending on your particular circumstances.  We can create a verdant oasis even in the urban jungle.  Give Rosewood a call and discuss the possibilities with Calum, our Living Walls Manager, on 01727 811448.