office interior living walls have huge benefits both visually and in terms of staff wellbeing

Office Interior Living Walls: the Benefits

Back in July 2022, we posted about the growing trend for indoor living walls, including photos of three recent projects.  Those were designed for domestic interiors, but green walls are also a great idea in workplace settings.  Today we’re going to talk to you about the benefits office interior living walls bring for staff and clients alike.

We’re illustrating this post with photos from a fairly large vertical garden we designed and installed.  It was commissioned by Griggs Homes, for their headquarters in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.  They have a large open plan area where people can relax, which includes a snooker table.  Excitingly, they also have a dart board and wide screen TV, both nestling within our living wall!

But what are the benefits of a living wall in the workplace?

You can probably see from our photos that this plant wall looks absolutely stunning, so the first benefit is a visual one.  Visitors will be impressed by the attractive interior, and staff will feel valued knowing the business wants them to have a pleasant workspace.

However, office interior living walls aren’t just good to look at.  They also have plenty of other benefits.  First of all, plants improve air quality, and a whole wall of plants can improve a lot of air!  This works because plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and they also filter out pollutant particles.  Don’t forget that better air quality means less tiredness, headaches, sore throats and irritated eyes for people using the space.  Let us install a green wall in your workplace and banish sick building syndrome!

If you’re an employer, you might be interested to know that green offices increase staff productivity too – by about 15 percent.  This is probably to do with improved mental wellbeing and better air quality, but whatever is behind it, plant walls get you results!

A more pleasant atmosphere

Living walls indoors also absorb much more noise than traditional walls, decreasing sound levels in an open plan office by about 8 decibels.  A green wall of plants is relaxing to look at, and actually creates a more peaceful atmosphere to work in.  Another reason that staff wellbeing increases!

One final benefit of an indoor green wall is that the plants actually cool the air when it’s hot, reducing the need for air-conditioning.  Plants use ‘transpiration’ in the same way that humans sweat, releasing evaporated water to cool themselves.  When the office heats up, the plants release excess water into the air from their leaves.  As this water evaporates, the plants not only cool themselves but also the surrounding environment.  Interior vertical gardens reduce the need for air conditioning, resulting in significant energy savings.

What’s not to like?

A green wall in the workplace has significant benefits for staff, as well as looking fantastic.  It’s well worth the investment, and with Rosewood’s regular maintenance schedule, it’s simple to look after.  Give Calum a call and discuss what might suit your office – he’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.