interior design with living walls

Interior Design with Living Walls

You may well be aware of the growing trend for interior design with living walls.  This is something that we’re delighted by, of course.  And it’s not just because it’s good business for us, as a trusted designer and installer of green walls.  It’s also because we know the benefits that plants bring to our mental and physical wellbeing.  So, it’s obvious to us that designing interiors using plant walls has to be a good thing.  But the reason that designers like them is not to do with their many benefits.  It’s simply because they look fantastic, of course.

We would also say that using vertical gardens in your outdoor space creates a ‘designed’ feel outside too.  By this, we mean that a terrace or patio area with a green wall feels more like an exterior room than simply a garden space.  So indoors or outside, a wall of plants really does add the wow factor.

The pictures accompanying this post are a picture from a recent installation where we designed a fairly large living wall.  There’s also a recent update shot taken by the client, of our kitchen living wall which we installed about six months ago.  You can look at an earlier blog post about that job by clicking the link to contemporary kitchen design with living walls.  We also have an earlier post that includes a great shot of another interior living wall.

It’s easy to see why living walls have become a big trend in interiors, and also why they’re so popular in exterior settings too.  Either way, we think they give any home or garden visual impact.  Why not give us a call if you’d like to find out more?  Ask to speak to Calum and he can answer any questions you might have.